‘Swayed’ is on Sale for a Limited Time

Earlier this summer, I finally put one of my behavior change models — the Context Model — into a book called Swayed: The Power of Context to Increase Influence. At Allegory, we believe that how you do anything is how you do everything. Frequent, deliberate practice converts theories into new, desired behavior. Thus, Swayed gives one idea that can be practiced in all types of communication and increase influence.

For the next three days, my book is on sale for only $1.99 — the list price is $4.99, so you’re saving $3.00 (60%). Here’s the link!

San Francisco Public Speaking Classes

We’ve also put together an intimate public speaking class that explores the framework outlined in Swayed. Influencing Humans Through Presentations is a full day event to help you develop practices that increase your particular influence in presentations. You’ll get group and private 1:1 individual coaching and help you develop and improve your own personal speaking style. Space is limited. Learn more and sign up here.

Written by Allegory Inc. CEO Christina Harbridge, Leadership/Influence Hack who believes humans are deliciously irrational & emotional. Learn more at http://allegoryinc.com.

Behavior change company. Before you can change a mind, sell a product or save the world, you must be heard.

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